Nobody ever listens. Nobody.
My mum doesn’t listen when I’m talking to her.
My siblings don’t either when I’m telling them something.
And my friends pretty much do the same. And so, I stop talking. Sometimes, I repeat what I had said earlier. Other times, I shut them out or act like I had said nothing.
It’s like nobody’s got time to listen. Everyone’s got enough time to yap and rant and never enough time to listen.
I almost feel like a fading echo.. even that’s louder than I am. A fading whisper.. that’s what I have become and I haven’t got long before I go all quite on everyone.
But I listen. I have time, two ears that listen and one hushed tongue.

-the gypsy


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  1. nikitapandya says:

    I feel the same. Often have to repeat things so that the other person notices it which was earlier so casually ignored.
    I used to go quiet too, but now i have learned to speak it until they stop and take some time out to reply!
    I always make it a point to listen to whomever wants to speak. Don’t want to do to them what they do to me.


    1. Aiza Chaudry says:

      Sigh. I will do the same from now on. :’D I’ll scream it in their faces of I have to. :’3

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  2. nikitapandya says:

    Don’t go quiet 🙂 ever .


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