-Epitome of Villainy-

I have endured insults of the ones I have loved, I have put others before me regardless of whoever it was, and I have been dismayed. Because none of it mattered in the end. I was villainized anyway by the righteous world that I never dared condemn. Because I never pointed at anyone’s disability or wrongdoings. I was supportive because I never wanted those around me to lose their confidence or be self-conscious or stop believing in themselves.

Perhaps I made a terrible mistake. People, it appears develop a habit of always being right. I have been wrong too and I accept. But at least I never pointed a finger at anyone else while overlooking the hurt I caused others.  Being altruistic would get you nowhere. Literally nowhere. It’s a selfish world.

It’s easier to overlook the hurt you caused others than the hurt they caused you.
And here I sit, the epitome of villainy, writing myself out.


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  1. blossom666 says:

    This is fantastically reflective…The world is a truly selfish place, but when we lay out heads down to sleep we must snuggle down with our demons and our choices…I sleep better knowing i am not like them. 😁 Beautiful piece 💗


    1. Aiza Chaudry says:

      Thank you. ❤ So do I. But the chore of the problem is that people never change. I am afraid of growing tired of becoming them. And I am perhaps beginning to.. I try not to though chastising myself often.

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      1. blossom666 says:

        Chastising is a good a thing in a sense, it shows you have awareness, we all slip, we all do things that after we think hell!! But we are human, and mistakes are made….it is who we are as a whole…and with time things change, those around us grow too and those who dont we navigate away from…tis life 🙂


      2. Aiza Chaudry says:

        Indeed. Indeed!


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