This is not a suicide note. x’D

I want to be able to forgive and forget. I want to be able to move on. God knows I do.

But I find it very hard. And it gets harder with every passing minute.

If you were dead, it would have been easier. I would miss you but remember you in good

words.  But  seeing you alive and kickin’ even after all this, without a tinge of guilt,

nauseates me. You bring out the worst in me. I expect nothing good from anyone at all.

Only the worse. Because somehow, I have this embedded in my brain, heart, and soul

that people always deceive, hurt, and destroy. Now, when I come across good people, I

push them away. This is the worse a father could do to his daughter. I don’t see the good

in the world like I used to.  I’m kind to everyone nonetheless because I would rather die

than be YOU.  I’m sure your ego was worth it. I’m sure you feel satisfied. I’m sure you feel

powerful being a man. You better pray I find it in me to forgive you. Because if I don’t

you’re screwed.

Besides Karma never forgets even if people do.

-the gypsy


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