The Bird

I’ll die; If I have to To make it to the sky Birds aren’t meant to be caged They were made to fly… -the gypsy Advertisements

But how okay will I be when everything is okay?

Chapter 1: Beghairat ke Bachi

Baghirat ke bachi!! (daughter of the shameless). He screamed after me. I stopped halfway to my room and turned around only to retort. It’s like it wasn’t me. I heard myself saying in a calm tone. “apney ap ko keh rahay hein?” (are you referring to yourself?) His face contorted upon hearing that. He lunged after…

I am one fine looking young woman!

I’m not here to meet anyone’s beauty standards. I’m pretty sure when the creator held the clay to mold it into me he didn’t think he was creating this piece to impress other human beings. He just made me into what I am. He probably thought I was fine. I think I am a fine…

The Ironmaidens

They say, your pride will one day bring you down But I insist my dear you still wear the crown Girls like us? No, we never bite the dust We rise from the chaos Like a winged Eos With love in our hearts and freedom in our bloodstreams We promise to never sell our dreams!…

Back off!

No. I refuse to become your subterfuge to eternal happiness. A) I’m mine B) there’s no such thing as eternal happiness! -the gypsy


The problem is… you’re not the sun, and I’m not a sunflower! – the gypsy

world – a happy place?

How can you claim the world’s a happy place? Darling all I see is the pain in the children’s eyes. The child in you, the child in him, the child in the girl across the street. All I see is the pain housed in children. How is the world a happy place? The child in…


I’m responsible for all the terrible things that happened to me. I allowed. But no more! -the gypsy


Do you ever feel like you’ve been bleached? Of all your colours, and all your wonders? Fading it to the gloom? -the gypsy

Truth is…

Now that I think about it. You never gave away much! And it’s like you couldn’t care much about my personal hells. You didn’t bother. Like it wasn’t there. When that is exactly what makes me “Me”. Unfortunately so. That is who I am. It’s easy to fall in love with the facade than the…


it’s a different kind of prison every-time..