Forgive and Forget- Move on!

Hatred is burdensome. I don’t think I can carry it in my heart anymore. Time to forgive and forget for my own good. Besides, my mother says hatred turns you into the one you hate. And I sure as hell don’t want to be anyone else. -the gypsy

I believe

What’s mine, is mine, and will come back to me, no matter what. And what isn’t mine ¬†will never be mine, no matter what.. -the gypsy


I hope we meet again when we’re wiser. -the gypsy


It’s all around me.. The very thing I try to escape from.. where do I go? -the gypsy


knowing someone too much is a curse.. and I am cursed. -the cursed gypsy

Neither dead nor alive

I think artists are neither dead nor alive. They’re in an in-between state. Half in the realm of the living, half in the realm of the dead.  

A girl with a dead heart and dreams

she’s alive, so alive with her dead heart and her dreams into the stars she took a dive abandoning her misery, scars, scorn and screams! -the gypsy


oh ifs, the beautiful ifs oh ifs, the devastating ifs.. -the gypsy

Sar-dard (headache)

my head hurts from all this mundane shit. i wish i could somehow just not exist? i’m not being thankless i just find it hard to breathe among these people… how do they live with themselves after being mean to other people? why don’t they feel remorse after they hurt someone in whatever way? why?…

few are born with the eyes to see the “whys” behind the “whats”. -the gypsy