I jumped off the top floor of an under-construction plaza just to feel what it felt like to fall… You know like how it is to feel it all in slow motion or whatever. Jeez. Suicide definitely wasnt my intent. -the gypsy Advertisements

12:21 (funny)

Where has all the love gone? Do you ever meet someone so soft-spoken and nice that it makes you question your ways.. Indeed why am I not easy-going? Why do I choose the word “hate” over simple “dislike”? Yes. It doesnt have to be extreme. Then why? I guess it’s because i’ve only ever had…

Mad World

And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take When people run in circles it’s a very very Mad world, mad world -gary jules


Stop being selfish under the guise of self-love. You cant put others through misery simply because in your head you mean more and deserve all the good and call it “self-love”. Self-love is for the self-less ones. So they dont fade away or lose their sanity putting others before them. So they take a rest…

Sometimes people around you do not get you at all. (In my case, forever!) But there are complete strangers who actually get you and understand. Funny. And strangers are who we must fear. I think it’s the people who claim to love you, you must fear. -the gypsy


Fifth day with fever and all I can think of is “sunflowers”. I grew up in Faisalabad. K block had a park nearby. It had plenty of sunflowers. And they were bigger than my face (at that time). I really want to go there. Like right now. And it makes me cry. Because I cant….

M for Masquerade (in bukhaar)

i want it quick and without pain. but you keep me around and keep me alive. you’re like a sastiĀ charas. euphoric for time-being. but you destroy like a slow deadly poison. andĀ  i want it quick. you torture me and that’s your high. but why wont you end it? once and for all? -the feverish…

Never was the one to be mesmerized by a carnival’s glimmers.

Fear the day I become you. -the gypsy

Imagine being born with melancholy. Now imagine people adding to it. Why should I want to be around people? I know a few good ones. They’re amazing people. But they’re never around. And those who are make it all the more worse for me.

M for melancholy

I’m pretty much losing everything. Most of all my mind. I wish I would lose weight the same way I’m losing everything else.