Some people..

to have you and not have you there is equally annoying. -the gypsy

Usually it’s others but this time it’s me. And I hurt myself real bad. -the gypsy  

This is not a suicide note. x’D

I want to be able to forgive and forget. I want to be able to move on. God knows I do. But I find it very hard. And it gets harder with every passing minute. If you were dead, it would have been easier. I would miss you but remember you in good words. ┬áBut…

Chapter 3

Flipped the page To a new chapter but the same old rage and endless disasters welcomed me to a brand new cage painted in thine affection and laughter… -the gypsy (the picture doesn’t belong to me)


yep. this is what listening to slowdive feels like!! -the gypsy

Darkness- My Old Friend

Why do you hate darkness so bad? When you were tired and weary of everything and the tears escaped your eyes, the darkness was all that embraced you. -the gypsy

Who am I?

  Roses with her thorns, with all the light and darkness inborn I accept myself as I know myself to be with no care to what you may think of me!   -the gypsy

Us, the loveless bodies

Us, the loveless bodies, who would mourn? we become the floating lilies in the ponds or the mermaids of wicked streams without a light and colourful dreams “oh dear! you should have waited” For a happiness far and belated…. ?   -the gypsy

new me

I mourn the old me sometimes but this new me is startling. She knows who she is and what she wants. -the gypsy


Everyone has fears. Mine are different. I’m not afraid of heights, I would rather jump. I’m not afraid of water, I would rather drown. Because those are escapes. But I think I’ll always be afraid to trust someone. Or to depend on someone. Or to show all that I am to anyone at all. People…

For all the love your child didn’t get

For all the love your child didn’t get made him/her insecure, made them give place to the hatred and most importantly made him/her a little less confident in life.. -the gypsy