#YOU YOU YOU YOU. YES YOU. FRIEND. LOVE. You think I dont see you efforting (wasnt a word until today, right now) but I do. I see YOU. *-* THANK YOU! ❤ Advertisements

part of the reason (all of it)

I guess part of the reason why I dont quite like humans these days is that I’ve been sick ever since I got back from the trip. Yeah, I went to my home city and further to Lahore and Okara and guess what? I came back sick. Lack of nutrition, dehydration and sleep has left…

Charles Bukowski

Babe, this kind of life, everybody else’s kind of life: it’s killing us.


You’re not America and I’m not Pakistan. So I wont be kissing your ass beloved.

Trick and retreat?

a) I hate small talk. b) forced conversations c) make-believe stuff/relations d) non-human humanoids e) self-centred eccentrics f) people who scream/ are loud g) people who take advantage of others h) people who never listen are the worst Hey life isnt trick and retreat. So get a life. Make something out of yourself. Would it…

Redemption is in madness. So is salvation. Get it?

You dont buy love. You dont sell it. You dont win it. You only lose it. In it. For it.

I wish someone would take it all out of me. The pain can be too much at times.

The better world

I dont know how to explain it. Look around you. The world is scarier than ever. We’re so advanced. So far ahead of our forefathers. The religion, customs and the traditions. Yet. The world is scarier than ever. We have technology. Personal communication devices. We’re so far ahead. Yet. We’re missing on all the good…

#theone #skywards #strange You want to hear “you’re the one” Strange. Because you dont have the courage or strength to do the same. So you must remember, I dont look back or down once I take the flight. It’s only skywards then until the winds that carry me bring me down.


How easily does everyone say “I love you!” Do they even know the meaning. It means sacrificing your entity. Eradicating yourself. It means burning in a hell within yourself for the sake of the beloved. It’s true. How far will you go? Not very far I suppose.


Tbh i’m not mad at anyone. Mostly just myself for giving away too much and understanding every fuckin person.