I think it’s safe to write about it now. Now that I have stepped into a new chapter. And a brand new life awaits me that tires me undoubtedly but makes me want to be thankful. While growing up I got to hear “she wouldnt go very far.. She’s too naive.. Too sweet… Too sensitive”…

A dead flower

You’re not the sun and I’m not a sunflower I’m not the sun, the center of your universe Since, you’re not my sun; I won’t be around forever! -the gypsy

I’ve been thinking. I haven’t lived since a decade or more. It’s true I’m a young girl in her twenties, with a good enough job while she’s still undergoing her bachelors degree, and some people who love her. But I am not really alive. It’s not living if your existence is under a constant threat….

Why I would choose to be at work on a holiday..

I would chose work over a holiday because a holiday means getting the required relaxation and rest you do not get over the entire week. It’s no good if you do not get that relaxation and peace time and have to struggle with getting shit from people around you. Especially when their definition of fun…

Part 1: A different kind of “Nausea”

What I feel right now is nausea, mainly hurt and a little guilty… Guilty for reminding people that I do shit for them too. I must have sounded something like “G han ehsaan kya tha uss waqt meney bhi!” Translation “I did you a favor (be thankful))”. But I didn’t mean it. Maybe I wanted…


I tell you what.. I was strangely overwhelmed. Taken aback. Moved. But sweetheart you can’t keep a fish out of water, or expect the bird to forget the ecstasies of the azure above and sing you sweet songs forever. Birds belong up there not in your cage. To tell you the truth my body can…


You can’t just throw a pebble in the river and not expect the ripples.. -the gypsy


Sweetly they tell you to drink the poison and when you react to it they tell you you’re crazy. -the gypsy

Shit-Poetry 1

Like you The whisperer asked me too I could be happy forever If I let him lock me up in his harem of torturers He promised I’d never be sad again Held an umbrella over my head in the cold rain I said no thanks and regretted it too For the whisperer was kinder than…

The problem is I either want all of it or none of it! I never did like balance. But then nothing ever was balanced in my life.. -the gypsy

Everyone had reasons of their own to hurt me… so I let them.. I still do.. -the gypsy

It hurts knowing that you want to live but people don’t want you to live…. -the gypsy