Mermaids of the Murky Waters

Oh the weeping mermaids of the murky waters with putrid flesh and rancid odors drowned and abandoned by the manly cowards adorned in “ghairat” the grotesque sinners lusting after the mermaids forever and abandoning mermaids in the murky waters…. -the gypsy

it’s easier to buy flowers for the dead than the living ones… -the gypsy

would you care then if I slit my wrists? because that, darling, is getting harder to resist.. -the gypsy  

Family, either builds you or kills you. -the gypsy

Dead and Withered

Have you ever held a pen and bled the paper in your poems? I have, I used to, and now it’s just seldom   The ink has long dried and the papers, wept Yet the world is still spinning with all the lies and promises unkept   With her decaying soul, my inner poet now…

The people who never give up on you are a special kind, never give up on them. NEVER. -the gypsy

Is life really hard or am I just a coward? -the gypsy


I’m just improvising.. I have no clue of anything. Maybe that’s what we call life. -the gypsy


I like to believe I’m poison. I’m not bad or anything. Just poison. -the gypsy

Never a Person

My obsession and my passion? It was never really a person. -the gypsy

Hello Fake!

Showering people with material things isn’t love. You can’t ignore people, hurt them, and make up for it with a brand new watch or a bracelet or lunch with the words like “I love you.” Or “I miss you.” You can’t just prioritize yourself over people and do this. At least have the decency to…


Yeah, well, if I were you, I would run away too. -the gypsy