it’s a different kind of prison every-time.. Advertisements

Hear! Hear! Hear! the resonating euphony of freedom one day I’ll hold it dear; Brazen-faced and carefree      

janty hun… ye log be-hiss hein, nahin samjhein gey. kabhi nahi. -the gypsy  


Love. Love them all. Love no matter what. LOVE. LOVE PEOPLE. EVERYONE. Love all. Even if it makes you sad. Even if it kills. LOVE. DO NOT FALL. DO NOT FEAR. LOVE. RISE. LOVE. (A reminder to fill the emptiness with love and not hatred) -the gypsy


happiness. -the gypsy (Picture does not belong to me)  

clever people tend to stay happy.. -the gypsy

You left me to rot and decay on God’s earth.. the God you worship…

Save yourself kiddo

It hurts seeing some people fall, for they mean so much to us. How do you deal with it? How do you save them when they don’t want to be saved? I could try and break the fall or be there to hold you.. but how do I save you? Why wont you save yourself?…


The real helplessness is not being able to help someone you love the most! -the gypsy

This is where I’ve been pouring my heart out for what feels like ages now. Because at times I didn’t want to talk to others about all the sad stuff. Even I get tired of it. At times because I didn’t want to bother anyone with my existence. There’s this black clouding always looming over…

Did you see it mother? this bird called happiness came flying through the window I must have left opened Did you see it take a flight in my castles gray filling the dark horizons with mortal delight They still echo They still sing But I got no time to listen To laugh, live or sing……

(From: the girl)

alas! sometimes even the dream catchers cannot protect you from the lingering nightmares. You get stuck in one anyway. -the gypsy