The price we pay..

I hate it when every now and then people text me to ask me why am I so different.. I hate it because it is not me being cool. For Heaven’s sake. No. If you think being overly critical and hateful of life and pathetic things that people do is cool… Alright If you believe…

I just want to scream you know. All these hideous truths they keep lying about. I cant take it.

July 14- no chill

Hey So I have decided to deactivate/ or log out of my facebook account. I dont want fake wishes. Fake love. Fake anything. Yeah. I’ll read a book all day and not text anyone for a change. I have decided to go AWOL on everyone. EVERYONE.

I’ve been told I look so calm.. But dont they all?

To be genuinely happy What is that?

I met you in space. It was you. Was it you? On the shotgun. In the space shuttle. Stars looked beautiful and Earth looked small. Was it you?

Birthday jitters ?

I’m awake. Not just awake. I have been crying. Like a lot lately. Obviously when no one’s around to question if i’m doing okay. I dont know if it’s birthday jitters. Or depression my old mate. I cant sleep. and i want to run away. Somewhere far from here. And i need someone to talk…

never have i felt this disgusted and never have i hated myself more… never before. You’re the reason darling why.. but i wont go down alone… i promise. -the gypsy

If it wasnt right i would know it.. It feels right. It must be too.


I didnt realize when but at some point I started leaving footprints in the sand. -the gypsy

Yes I’m tired. Tired of being labeled. I dont want to be labeled good or the bad. I dont want to be labeled anything. I dont want to be anyone’s anything. -the gypsy

Wouldnt even “Be”

If i had run away (and I should have) I wouldnt be miserable. Maybe I wouldnt even be.