They took turns destroying me. -the gypsy


Deceived my sanity, my only kin Pushed her and had her buried under my skin Will you come? oh you must, mourn her with me come, you must see, how her death birthed insanity Insanity, I dance around with Insanity, I befriended Insanity, I became Insanity remains… -the gypsy

Mad Muse

the muse wouldn’t be a muse without madness. -the gypsy  

-Born to be sad-

writers, poets, and artists were made to be sad. the only happiness they ever got was derived from investing the sadness into masterpieces they birthed. -the gypsy (the picture belongs to me)

-Lady Angst-

body bathed in sunlight yet the heart beats cold, all she loves, she fights she’s a coward somewhat bold You thought she was laughter what a disaster! for she writes of frozen petals of rusted metals   of coal never gold never the flowers but her laughter over-weighs the disaster you thought you knew her…

-Epitome of Villainy-

I have endured insults of the ones I have loved, I have put others before me regardless of whoever it was, and I have been dismayed. Because none of it mattered in the end. I was villainized anyway by the righteous world that I never dared condemn. Because I never pointed at anyone’s disability or…

-Dead Hearts-

You will forever have a gaping hole in your dead heart because darling dead hearts don’t heal. -the gypsy

they say you can’t really break what’s already broken but I think you can.. you break it a little more.. -the gypsy

Forgive and Forget- Move on!

Hatred is burdensome. I don’t think I can carry it in my heart anymore. Time to forgive and forget for my own good. Besides, my mother says hatred turns you into the one you hate. And I sure as hell don’t want to be anyone else. -the gypsy

I believe

What’s mine, is mine, and will come back to me, no matter what. And what isn’t mine ¬†will never be mine, no matter what.. -the gypsy


I hope we meet again when we’re wiser. -the gypsy