Imagine being born with melancholy. Now imagine people adding to it. Why should I want to be around people? I know a few good ones. They’re amazing people. But they’re never around. And those who are make it all the more worse for me. Advertisements

M for melancholy

I’m pretty much losing everything. Most of all my mind. I wish I would lose weight the same way I’m losing everything else.


I wish I didn’t suck at consoling people.


I hear you! But do you hear me? -the gypsy

I can think..

I hate it when someone who knows me says shit like “she’s so good at arts, I dont know why she doesnt do shit about it!” Really? Try using your brain. Or perhaps you dont know me at all. You just want to be a smart-ass by giving a mother-like advice. My brain works. I…

Idk why

Nice things, nice people, love, compliments hurt. These things bother me.

Sorcery or…

What sorcery is this? Is it a lie? Man.. It’s so hard for me to swallow. What are the chances of this being true? Or real? Anyway, I took the plunge. Because when I stood there thinking if i should or shouldnt I felt like I might be depriving myself of something. So I did…

Like the hate and hurt that came your way Love too will come. -the gypsy

The line

Have you ever crossed a line? I just did. It’s different on this side of the line. And I’m almost scared. -the gypsy

An everyday rant…

If I were to be honest, everyone (friends and family) keeps saying they’re there for me. Truth is they aren’t. They are there for themselves only. Maybe that’s why I keep to my self. It has happened countless times now, I start talking about something that is bothering me or upsetting me, and they cut…

I enjoy the rare moments of being by myself. -the gypsy