Observation of common behavior

Here’s what I’ve learned. Most people like to victimise themselves, so they dont have to take the responsibility of their actions or think of the shit they do to you. They do it so everyone would look at them and ask who or what hurt them so bad. So everyone would pity them. So they…

I won’t.

It’s the asshole world I dont wish to be a part of. And I wont.


I’m not a negative person, okay? When you have been abused almost forever at the hands of someone who was supposed to love you because of the bloodline you share, a point comes, when you no longer feel obliged to let it go that way. I stopped taking the abuse. I stopped being quite. Because…

By heart

‘No’ and not chasing people are the most beautiful lessons I learnt by heart.


Holding onto a tenous thread of hope and not expecting the fall was naive or rather preposterous on my part. And now? I’m weary of picking up the pieces and more distant than ever.

Just another hell

The worst anyone can do to you is straight up blame you for something you havent done. It’s even worst when it’s your sister or anyother family member. Family drama and shit is literally the worst of all problems. As family is supposed to be your anchor or a safe haven. When it’s not, it’s…

Open letter

No I dont share my feelings or goals and dreams or my fears with you anymore. And I wont. Because at some point you distanced yourself from me. You pushed me away. Me reaching out to you was bothersome and clingy. You wanted space and a zone of your own. You made that. You stopped…


So glad I’m going to karachi for a bit. Threats or harassment is the last thing I need. I mean you could be trying to get over the past traumatic experiences but life decides to add to your woes. Karachi…Never been there, but the city feels like my own. The dirt, the fumes, the nauseating…

Perhaps I’m the biggest idiot. I’m so tiny in size that it makes people target me. I often get harrassed. I think I must learn martial arts ans carry a gun. ;_;