The people i want to talk to arent there. Why? Why? Why? Advertisements


I got out of my workplace and went towards this really shiny and the kind of car I dont prefer. It seemed expensive. Anyway, i started the engine and started driving. I was driving too slow. I would barely press the accelerator. I was afraid i would end up hitting someone or another car etc….

In time you’ll learn to differentiate between pain and grief.


Is just the skin we wear to hide the madness. Just the face we wear before we interact. To appear normal. Dont you just want to tear it off?

You think you’ve had it worse. But just wait for another heartbreak and you’ll know. The worst is always yet to come. And I, being me, beg for it.

Perhaps you will destroy the old me.. And I’ll rebuild. -the gypsy I destroyed myself But I cant rebuild.

Do you ever realize how every one in your life contributed to whatever you are now? How they all contributed to your annihilation. Now you do stupid shit and no one tolerate it. Where am I supposed to go?

Never again.

Somehow pain always finds it’s way back to me. Always.

Didnt think it would hurt this much.

I wish

I was as easy going as most people. -the gypsy

The more I grow up the more I realize that happiness is only a mirage. Reality is sad. Sadder than you think. -the gypsy