Love is more or less about the impact. You walk around with the  stars in your eyes. Forever in a dreamlike state, floating around, conceiving fruitless yet vivid dreams. And then you wonder what is wrong with you. Then you deny. And in a state of denial you do it on repeat..daydream and lie to…

How do I write a book?

I want to write books. But I’m afraid. Because I’m so dishevelled a person, so disorganized up in my head that it scares me I wont be able to.. that I can’t! I’ll probably end up lost in a swarm of words, not making sense. -the gypsy


Bless me with another scar inflict upon me another wound and I’ll make art..   -the gypsy (art isn’t mine, credits to the artist!)


Something’s so beautiful about this sad world.. YOU! -the gypsy

This World…

In the end none of us are wrong. In our right minds we all must be right. In our own hell, we are right and have the right to justify.  I guess. Because even I can justify why everyone around me behave the way they do. I blame no one but the situation and circumstances….

But I did see it. And I did feel it. -the gypsy

Never enough

It is never enough, is it? No matter what you do for them. It’s never enough. -the gypsy

People love you when it suits them. Take it when it suits them. Come back when it suits them.  Nice when it suits them. Ugly when it suits them. Who needs that? Not me! -the gypsy


“Step in here” he said. I did as asked. “The light will blind you. Shadows will protect you of any harm!” I believed him. I still do, even if half-heartedly. “It’s okay you don’t have to get up, you can stay in the bed for as long as you need to..” I listened. While the…

Hope fun facts

A funny thing about hope is, that it is always easier to find for others than for yourself. -the gypsy

Not ego

It’s not ego. It’s pride. A different kind of pride. You’d be full of it too if you had spent an eternity rebuilding yourself from the debris…. enough said! I have a right to it. I’m entitled to my pride, my crown and why wouldn’t I be? -the gypsy


You must wonder why I call myself the Gypsy. It’s not like I’ve travelled across and beyond this filth filled country. I call myself that because I’ve travelled other worlds. Strange lands; I have travelled love, I’ve travelled horrors, I have travelled hatred, I’ve travelled diseases, from peace to all the way to chaos. If…