assumptions 8:24 pm

do you ever wake up into bad-luck? like you keep ruining whatever you you do…. and it takes your frustration to the next level and awakens your inner banshee but there’s nothing you can do but scream or break down and cry… so that’s exactly what you do while people just wonder what’s the matter…

I no longer blame any one for not understanding me.. I personally believe something’s wrong with me… I don’t know what exactly but something is… I know. And it doesn’t matter what people tell me this is something I feel.  

Anonymous 28th

A relationship isn’t something you fund Anonymous. I mean you’re not renting another person to spend time with you. I’m not sure what you mean. PS Don’t think of me as rude or anything because this place is my domain and I can do whatever I want.  I respect you Anon and your beliefs. However,…

walls or home?

We’ve lived in these 4 walls for far too long. What happened to our home? -the gypsy


Truth is everyone has reasons for saying horrible stuff to you. I keep justifying. All I know is that’s all they can do, take it out on someone else. Because how else to get rid of all the hurt and anger that keeps building with time. Usually I tell people to draw or write because…


The criticism, I’m afraid, is no good to anyone. It only ever pissed people off, or belittled, and degraded them. What good came out of it? None ever. The way I see it none. Not in this world where we have feelings but if you don’t you’re brave or honest. Criticism without constructive-ism is useless,…


I just submitted two of my poems to a writing platform. I didnt want to because what if one of my friends came across them and judged them. I was given the option of doing it either under my name or anonymously with a pen name and no picture or whatsoever. I found the latter appealing…

Mermaids of the Murky Waters

Oh the weeping mermaids of the murky waters with putrid flesh and rancid odors drowned and abandoned by the manly cowards adorned in “ghairat” the grotesque sinners lusting after the mermaids forever and abandoning mermaids in the murky waters…. -the gypsy

it’s easier to buy flowers for the dead than the living ones… -the gypsy

would you care then if I slit my wrists? because that, darling, is getting harder to resist.. -the gypsy  

Family, either builds you or kills you. -the gypsy