#soft #light #memory #touch Does the skin have a memory of its own? That would explain why we remember somebody’s touch. My hands remember my bestfriend’s hands. My lips can certainly recall hee cheek. Yeah I have kissed her on the cheek. My lips remember my mother’s skin. So do my hands. It’s actually pretty…

Moving to a different city..

#unsure #sckeptic #sadness #DimmuBorgir :p Funny I wanted to move away from this city but after my mother suggested we move to another city- Lahore – I dont quite feel like it. I guess at first I knew even if I move away I’ll always come back here. As my family would still be here….

Mirza Ghalib

#MirzaGhalib #God #Love So what if Ghalib drank? He loved God. He knew himself. How could God not love someone who loves him? Also, how many of us really know ourselves?


#demons #theslayer #hell So i woke up in hell this time. What am I? Not because I am a sinner or hellbound.. Because i would know. Also God wouldnt leave me there he got me out of there… After this thing made of fire i concluded “Lucifer” tried to claw me or catch me. Also…


To actually fall in the depth of the words of a writer is what making love to a book is.. To feel it in your own skin.. Yes that’s what it is.

Morning analysis of me

Like everyone else I too thought once that I was a softie. That was before I went berserk. Literally. And after that… After that… I have never felt better. I swear. To do something unexpected.. It’s weird kind of fun.

Things i’m doing this August

#goals #August #guitar #music #lovemyselfmore Buy a guitar and date myself. Learning music is the part of the deal. It’s just I dont want to stop at nothing. I want to learn everything. Know everything.

The last embrace

#death #shewhosmiles #thelastembrace We walk towards death unknowing. And she waits for us silently, with arms wide open. One beautiful, meaningful last embrace to escort us into the someplace safe.

The struggle

#stayingawake I find it hard to sleep. And it’s not just the overthinking or contemplation, I just cant sleep at night anymore. Sometimes I skip meals. Although I’m starving. But my heart says no. So ‘No’ it is.

What I enjoy more

He hates my guts. He hates that I fear him no longer. That motivates me… Nothing is impossible. It gives me strength.

Is misery my twinflame?

#soulmates #melancholy If the whole soulmate stuff is true than misery is mine. Because i realised, even if I were a completely different being from what I am now, a happy girl, i would find a way to make myself miserable. So is misery my twinflame?

Things I regret

#tbhitscaresme Have you ever regretted apologising to someone you liked because somehow you thought they were worth it? And they perceive it the wrong way… So you just regret it… Also, have you ever told someone that you like them and then felt like slitting your wrists because somehow that person doesnt get it or…