We too often see through the eyes of other people when we ourselves have the ability to see.. Advertisements

When it stops meaning something you have to stop being there

Crap for crap

Accepting crap for crap. A little hard but… I have to.

Never have I before

Thrown a rose out of a moving car. I paid for it. It waw red and it was beautiful. But I was so mad.. So hurt that it seemed horrible. I threw it out. I regretted it immediately. Because now I can help but wonder, it must have been crushed by the moving tires…

Older sister

Sometimes I wish I had one. Someone who would understand me like I understand others.


I cant. I cant control the sudden raise in my voice, being breathless while talking, or help not feel stressed. I cant. Who doesnt want to feel relaaaxed?

And then it happens

And then it happens, you stop being you. You become a reflection of those around you. Tit for tat. No leeways for anyone.


What good is a love you cannot show? To anyone at all…

Corduroy – Pearl Jam

Can’t buy what I want because its free.. This gets me every time… who am I kidding the entire song gets me..  

I burn I shine But it hurts. -the gypsy

Life these days..

For the first time in ages it feels like i slept. Maybe I wouldnt have to dwell on sleeping pills after all. What could be better? I cant have pills control my life.. Imagine taking pills to get you to feel hungry. Pills to control your blood preasure and pills to sleep. Pills before breakfast…


#YOU YOU YOU YOU. YES YOU. FRIEND. LOVE. You think I dont see you efforting (wasnt a word until today, right now) but I do. I see YOU. *-* THANK YOU! ❤