If it wasnt right i would know it.. It feels right. It must be too. Advertisements


I didnt realize when but at some point I started leaving footprints in the sand. -the gypsy

Yes I’m tired. Tired of being labeled. I dont want to be labeled good or the bad. I dont want to be labeled anything. I dont want to be anyone’s anything. -the gypsy

Wouldnt even “Be”

If i had run away (and I should have) I wouldnt be miserable. Maybe I wouldnt even be.

Thoughts at 12am

It’s like i’m swinging my arms in the darkness blindfolded. There’s this darkness that I see with the blindfold on and the darkness I’m roaming about in. The darkness that keeps us apart and away. This darkness on the outside has you. I’m engulfed in it too but we’re lost, two different individuals despite the…

Cant say if I’m happy or high.. Sigh.. Woke up like this hahahh

Blackest Eyes – Porcupine Tree

I got wiring loose inside my head I got books that I never ever read I got secrets in my garden shed I got a scar where all my urges bled I got people underneath my bed I got a place where all my dreams are dead Swim with me into your blackest eyes -porcupine…

I’m not Icarus

I could never fall. I was born with the wings. They’ll only carry me up! I’ll only ever rise. Unlike Icarus I wouldnt fall. Unlike Icarus my wings are real and strong.

It never ends, does it?

all these beautiful girls abused and devastated… Why? Why cant their families love them? Why do women birth and raise insensitive men? -the gypsy

Something’s wrong with everyone. We’re all running out of patience. We’re all tired here. Which is why… We have to forgive eachother. We all suffer. Some silently. Some add noise to it. But we all do. All of us go through hell. Which is why we need to forgive ourselves and each other. But we…

Dont you just hate it when everyone wants to speak to you.. But the one person you want to talk to couldnt care less.. the gypsy


Will you hold my humiliation behind that guarded gaze? Will you please hide it well or hey just set it ablaze Or just set me on fire inch by inch Reduce me to a sigh, a whisper of wind Or just give it back and I’ll mix it with the ink I’ll write it down…